Easter Is Coming!

Why not try one of iour traditional Easter specialities?!

Zeppole – Baked choux/light donuts like, sprinkled with vanilla icing sugar, topped with a vanilla Italian inspired Chantilly cream and Neapolitan amarene cherries.

Pastiera di riso – Traditional Easter Rice  pudding pie, contains, rice, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, strega aroma. 

Pastiera di Ricotta – Traditional Easter baked vanilla and citrus ricotta cheese cake.

Pastiera Grano – Traditional Easter wheat grains pie. Contains, wheat grains, eggs, sugar, candied citrus peels, ricotta cheese, vanilla and Pastiera Aroma. 

Rustica – traditional Easter savoury pie, filled with traditional (primo sale) cheese, mozzarella, cheddar,  salmi, Parma ham, eggs, wheat grains, ricotta.